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Vaper Tweezer III multi-tool


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The Vaper Tweezer III is a smart little tool that is used for coil-building, and also has an atomizer spanner for gripping and unscrewing tightly screwed-on tanks, coils and fill caps etc. Spanner diameter is 7-24mm.


Vaper Tweezer

The Vaper Tweezer III is a handy little accessory to have!

These biomedical grade, zirconia ceramic tweezers are insulated and heat-resistant allowing you to safely adjust your coil builds.

The design of the tweezers has cleverly integrated an atomizer spanner, enabling you to unscrew those tricky tanks that have become tightly screwed onto your battery/mod. The smaller section of the spanner is also capable of unscrewing coils from 7mm diameter. Spanner diameter range is 7-24mm.

The tweezers themselves have a very sharp point so please be careful when using them, and keep out of childrens reach.

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