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Terms and Conditions



Like any online retailer we need to have some terms to operate legally. We have tried really hard to make them plain and simple to understand and have a summary before each SECTION to briefly explain the points. To explain though, we are honest people and try our best to deliver a good service. These terms are standard with any retailer and there is nothing we have added that is sinister.


BRIEFLY: If you order from us you are agreeing to these terms. If you change your browser from one to another and do not check back the terms still apply! Common sense really. Also, the BRIEF summary does not count legally and is just for reference.
LEGAL PART: and is operated by Ecig Switch. Throughout the site, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Ecig Switch. Ecig Switch offers this website, including all information, tools and services available from this site to you, the user, conditioned upon your acceptance of all terms, conditions, policies and notices stated here.
Regardless of browser if you view or purchase from us you agree to these terms and conditions. To summarise, we are honest people and we always do our best but due to legal reasons this policy is overly wordy and lengthy. To summarise, if you agree with them carry on.
As we update the website and add new products all then the same terms and conditions apply. Over time these conditions may change so check back.
The BRIEF summaries are not a full explanation but a best endeavour. We cannot be held responsible for missing out points.


BRIEFLY: To stop kids vaping we try to spot underage people trying to order online. Don’t be offended if we need to verify your age!
LEGAL PART: By agreeing with these terms you are stating that you are at least the legal age of 18 and we have an age verification policy in effect. If we raise a query regarding your age you are agreeing to provide proof when required. You are also agreeing that you are not purchasing the goods for minors or to partake in any illegal activities.


BRIEFLY: If you make an account or make an order we keep details to make repeat ordering easier. We do not store payment info though. If you want no information storing and want to stay off the grid do a phone order with us! We store nothing then.
LEGAL PART: Your payment data is sent and stored encrypted but other information is transferred over various networks unencrypted and for purposes of backing up the website stored unencrypted too. What’s more, staff with administrator access can view your name and address and order history in order to provide a better service. If you wish, you can also phone your orders on 01253 596106 where we will keep no information except for in our heads if you become a regular phone customer. We are open 12pm to 7pm Mon – Fri and 10-7pm Saturdays. Closed Sundays. To state again, your credit card information is not stored by us but PayPal so do not worry about our security.
If you want to use our photos or duplicate or reproduce any part of this site including these terms and conditions please ask first. We will usually say yes.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.


BRIEFLY: We do our best to provide accurate information on our site but always double check our opinions as we are only human.
LEGAL PART: We do our best to provide an honest opinion to our products and information on laws and health implications of electronic cigarettes etc. This is for general information so do not rely upon it as the sole reason for making decisions without checking other sources too in order to make a well informed choice. Also, some of the information may be outdated so check the dates we add. Example… As of November 2018 we will currently say the Aegis Legend kit is the best thing available with all honesty due to its good price and waterproof plus shockproof design. If they make one better we may not remember to delete the statement about it being the best.


BRIEFLY: Like everything our prices can change and products can come and go over time.
LEGAL PART: We will always do our best to provide a great service at the best prices we can to operate a sustainable business. This means we may change prices without notice. Also, as vaping is a new technology products are evolving continuously. This means older products may disappear and we do our best to support those products with replaceable parts such as coils etc. but there comes a time when that service will be discontinued.


BRIEFLY: We try and show products as accurately as possible but colours on different monitors look different. You can only use our site in the UK as we cannot keep track of laws in all the different countries.
LEGAL PART: Some products may be available online only. These products may have limited quantities and are subject to return of exchange only in accordance with our returns policy. We do our best to represent the colours of products but monitors vary so everyone sees the same picture differently.
We do limit the sale of our products geographically to the UK but change this on a case by case basis. If you cannot order from our site get in touch as we can review this on a case by case basis. Example, our Norwegian customers can order anything except Eliquids containing nicotine while those in some Middle East countries can only get non vape related things such as 18650 batteries and charging leads. We will do our best to check the law for your country but you are responsible for ensuring you are not breaking the laws in your location.
We can guarantee kits but we cannot guarantee you will like them. We hope it meets your expectations but if it does not and it works as designed we cannot help. An example is buying an Eliquid and not liking it as much as you was hoping. We cannot return a half used bottle.


LEGAL PART (quite simple): We can refuse or restrict any order you place with us. This can be due to suspicious about your age or that we have screwed up and forgot to end a discontinued product. If we do have problems with your order we may attempt to notify you by email, phone and writing to your address.


BRIEFLY: If we recommend anything like YouTube or a page on the NHS they may change the video after we saw it. If they do try not to blame us!
LEGAL PART: We may sometimes provide you with third party tools which are beyond our control. An example may be suggesting a YouTube video, data from the NHS about the health impact of vaping or app for calculating ohms law if you build your own coils.
As we have no control or input in these it is just us doing our best for you and you use the input of these recommendations at your own discretion and we cannot accept any liability relating to your use of these third party recommendations. Complaints about these should be redirected towards these sites.


BRIEFLY: If you leave a review for a product thank you so much. We try and keep an eye on comments but if someone posts something illegal or offensive we cannot be held legally responsible and will remove it as soon as we see it.
LEGAL PART: If you are kind enough to send us suggestions or reviews for products you agree that we may without restriction edit or copy and distribute your comments. We are under no obligation to keep those comments in confidence or pay for those comments or respond to those comments. We do try and monitor comments but cannot be held responsible for unlawful or offensive comments others may post. We also cannot be held responsible if someone comments and violates any intellectual property rights.
If you are kind enough to leave a comment or review you agree that your comments don’t do anything immoral or illegal and conduct yourself in a civil manner. This also includes pretending to be someone else.


LEGAL PART (quite straight forward): Your personal information is private to our organisation and treated with respect. We do not deal with other sites and won’t do things to you we would not like done to ourselves.


LEGAL PART (again quite plain): It has not happened yet but we are human and if we make a mistake with pricing or promotions or offers or shipping charges etc. we reserve the right to correct the errors and inaccuracies and update or cancel orders without prior notice even after you order.


BRIEFLY: Don’t break the law on our site! This includes trying to order things illegal in your country and be nice to other people with comments too.
LEGAL PART: You agree to not use our site for unlawful purposes or to encourage others to do unlawful acts. This also includes harassment (example replying to another users comments in an uncivil way) or try and bypass our security or spam our comment system for your own ends.


BRIEFLY: If the site goes down we are sorry but not breaking the law. If you buy something you agree that you will use it properly and not misuse it or modify things.
LEGAL PART: We do our best but cannot guarantee that the site will not be interrupted by downtime or secure or error free. You also agree that you use us at your own risk and all products and services delivered by us are provided as is and available for your personal use without any warranties (unless stated) or conditions of fitness for your particular purpose.
We cannot be held responsible for such things as lost profits or injury or loss or consequential damage of any type due to your use of our service beyond the extent permitted by law.


LEGAL PART (no summary required): If you misuse our service you agree to hold harmless Ecig Switch and everybody who works for Ecig Switch from any demand including solicitors fees made by a third party.


BRIEFLY: If we have something in these terms which don’t make sense legally the rest of the terms still stand.
LEGAL PART: If any of the points in these terms and conditions are deemed unlawful or unenforceable or void the point will still count but to the maximum extent of the law. The relevant SECTION shall be severed from these terms and all the other parts still stand.


BRIEFLY: If you stop using our site you must continue to agree with things you bought previously e.g. not modifying kits.
LEGAL PART: If you decide to no longer use us these terms and conditions still apply to the previous interactions we have had. You can terminate these terms and conditions by writing to us or simply cease using our site.
If we think you have failed to honour this agreement we may terminate this agreement at any time without notice and may deny you access to our services.


BRIEFLY: If you break these terms and we do not spot them the terms still apply. Our inaction does not void the terms.
LEGAL PART: If we fail to enforce or exercise any part of these terms that shall not count as a waiver of such right or provision.
These terms of service may change over time and you agree to check periodically for changes. As they change they will supersede any previous versions. If any part is ambiguous in its interpretation they shall not be construed against us.


LEGAL PART: So short no summary required: As we are in England these terms and any other agreements will be governed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom.


LEGAL PART (again a short one): Over time these terms may change so please feel free to review upon each use. If you use our services that is taken as acceptance of our terms.


LEGAL PART (no summary required): If you have any questions about these terms please call us on 01253 596106 within our opening hours.