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Changing to lung inhales?

10 things to help you on your vaping journey

 The way you vape has now changed. As you’re enjoying your shiny new device, taking a moment to note these tips will help ensure maximum enjoyment for you.


1. The faster you inhale the smoother the drag
2. Wicks for most people should last longer than traditional mouth to lung kits
3. There are ways of saving money on Eliquid
4. Reduce your nicotine strength
5. Don’t use standard Eliquids without diluting with VG first
6. Never get your coil wet
7. Battery safety
8. The lower the resistance the hotter the coil 
9. Warm your VG for a few seconds in the microwave
10. Pre-soak your spare coils at home

Direct Lung eliquid works out at just £1.04 per 10ml! See the range.

1. The faster you inhale the smoother the drag. Many people new to lung inhales take it too slow which changes the sensation entirely. With old fashioned cigarettes the faster you toke the harsher the throat hit. This is because burning tobacco is a chemical reaction and you feed the end more oxygen. Your Ecig heats up the coil electronically so opposite rules apply; the slower you inhale the harsher the drag. The electrical energy is divided over less air. Think of an electrical shower… turn up the heat all it does is slow down the water. Same energy, less substance.

2. Wicks for most people should last longer than traditional mouth to lung kits if treated properly but there are some very important differences. Firstly, the wicks are packed full of organic cotton causing the length of time required to properly soak in the flavour increases massively. If you get into the habit of changing the coil before bed and leaving overnight then gently using until you get a full flavour when you awaken that should really help increase both life and performance. Priming (properly soaking in Eliquid to the coil unit) is such a problem for people that we usually have pre-soaked coils for the best selling products. Be warned though, they are soaked in a flavourless juice so until the liquid evaporates and is replaced with your great tasting Eliquid, you will notice a burnt taste. Also, when the cotton eventually gives up the ghost and you get a burnt taste, the substance causing that taste is soluble so simply changing the coil is not enough. If you don’t also change the liquid and carefully wash out the tank you will get a burnt taste straight away. Some hardware we don’t choose to stock also causes problems with delivering power after you let go of the button, or delivering an inconsistent or incorrect output.

3. There are ways of saving money on Eliquid. Using our mouth to lung flavours and diluting with the VG we stock really makes things cheaper and you still get the same great taste. Many prefer doing this too as it allows one to truly customise ones vape. We have free to take recipe cards. For a zero hassle option simply take one of our ready to vape lung inhale E-liquids from our huge selection.

4. Reduce your nicotine strength. You are now inhaling so much more Eliquid per inhale. If you were to keep your nicotine content the same it would be way too harsh and you would also be increasing the nicotine levels in your body which could make you feel a little out of sorts. Please feel free to ask for advice on this to keep the nicotine levels the same per puff. We love to help!

5. Don’t use standard Eliquids without diluting with VG first. While tempting to simply put an off the shelf mouth to lung Eliquid into your amazing new device remember that the level of flavouring and PG is totally different. The Eliquid will not be able to evaporate fast enough, creating a burnt taste very very quickly indeed.

6. Never get your coil wet. Water boils at 100 degrees, VG at 290. With a wet coil your Ecig will evaporate that water almost instantly and the Eliquid will not have time to replace it. This will mean you’re heating a dry coil. An instant kill!

7. Battery safety. Most lung inhales have a wick less than 1 ohm. This creates a huge power demand for the batteries. If you do this with a battery not designed for high drain demands you really are playing with fire. When you hear of such accidents the cause is almost always the same– not using the correct battery for the device. For your safety, the only batteries we sell are all designed for sub ohm devices so you know you’re okay shopping with us.

8. The lower the resistance the hotter the coil will get at the same voltage. If you have a device which limits the power output you can customise your experience by trying a different one. For high end devices most prefer going for a higher number and ramping up the voltage. We recommend experimenting to discover your own preferences.

9. Warm your VG for a few seconds in the microwave. Doing this reduces the viscosity making it run almost like water. It thickens back up when it cools. Please be cautious if doing this though.. it literally only takes a few seconds!

10. Pre-soak your spare coils at home prior to use. Doing so gives you a coil you can use straight away. Ask and we will show you the best way to do this.

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