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Uwell Caliburn X Kit


A superb starter kit. A solid but lightweight pod system that fits perfectly in your pocket.

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Uwell Caliburn X Kit

The Caliburn X is the (much) cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to disposable ecigs!

A new addition to the Caliburn series of pod systems by Uwell

Size wise the Caliburn X is not that much bigger than an Elux Bar disposable, and weighs only 46g. The dimensions are: 107.4 mm x 27.5 mm x 15.6 mm.

Only slightly chunkier than the Caliburn G2, it has the option to auto-draw (inhale without pressing any buttons) and also has a fire button to use if you wish to have a more intense drag.

caliburn x components


One of the main features of this particular pod system is the OLED screen displaying battery life, output power, coil resistance and puff count. You can adjust the wattage to suit and it has a very useful ‘lock’ feature so you wont accidentally press the button and burn out your coil! With this multi control fire button you can perform the following actions:

  • Press fire button five times, quickly, to turn the device on/off
  • Press fire button three times, quickly, to adjust the wattage from 5-20 watts (wattage will blink, then single press to move up 1w each time)
  • Press fire two times to lock/unlock the fire button (auto-draw still works when ‘locked’)



Most auto-draw kits seem to have fixed coils, so you have to buy replacement pods when the coil burns out. We felt that it was more environmentally friendly to use a kit with changeable coils instead. This kit comes with 2 coil types to choose from (both are included in the kit when you buy it). There is a mesh 0.8 ohm and a mesh 1.2 ohm coil which gives you the option to try them both to see which you prefer. (These coils are also compatible with the Caliburn G2) Just pull on the coil to remove and simplypush the new coil in. Make sure you align the straight edge with the arrow (see diagram)



The kit itself is very easy to set up and use, making it an easy switch for new starters, but also handy for veteran vapers to take out and about when they don’t want to carry a huge mod around!


It has a variable airflow slider on the side so you can alternate between a regular mouth-to-lung drag (smoking like a cigarette), to a restrictive lung-inhale drag (breathing in directly, like using gas and air if you’ve ever had it)



The battery life is an impressive 850mAh for such a small device, and lasts the majority of our customers the full day before needing to charge.

 Almost all 600 puff disposables are around 550mAh so it will last longer than those, and of course this kit has the advantage of being rechargeable through the USB Type C port, is refillable and has interchangeable coils.

Replacing coils couldn’t be easier – The pod is removed by gently pulling it off the battery unit (it is held in place by magnets), then simply pull the coil out of the pod. Remember to have tissues handy as any liquid in the pod will leak out! Prime your new coil (see here for tips on priming coils) and insert the fresh coil, refill with your favourite liquid and you’re good to go!


The refill port is located on the top of the pod and is accessed by simply ‘snapping’ off the black mouth piece and squeezing liquid into the red hole. The clear pod makes it super simple to see how much liquid is in the pod to prevent overfilling. Be careful if using a larger nozzle bottle as the hole is quite small and needs to be filled quite slowly to prevent it overflowing. It’s still big enough to accommodate one, but you would need to fill slow and steady!


The Caliburn X also has a relatively large window on the side to see straight into the pod so you can always check exactly how much liquid is left without having to take out the pod. This is great as it prevents any dry hits and the window is quite recessed to prevent breakages from dropping.

caliburn x colours


We have a wide range of nic salt flavours available in both 10mg and 20mg strengths (most disposables are 2% which is 20mg). We have designed them to taste just like the popular brands of disposables so you’re sure to find one you like. Click here for our full range. You can of course use any eliquid in this device, but if you use one with a high VG content (for example a 70/30 blend), you would be better using the 0.8 ohm coils. For 50/50 or 60/40 eliquids, the 1.2 ohm coil would be better.

Using the Type C port to charge, the device charges remarkably fast and doesn’t neeed to be left overnight to be full, well under an hour and you’re good to go. A quick top up charge through the day can sometimes be necessary if you’re a heavy vaper but for most you’ll be able to get through at least most of the day without a worry. Once the battery light shows as being low (red light) you only have around 30 mins of vaping left before the battery dies altogether. Still, thats pretty impressive for a tiny little device!

Note: Always remember to switch the device off by clicking the fire button rapidly 5 times before putting it in your bag or your pocket. Alternatively, set it to ‘lock’ by pressing the fire button twice in quick succession, to stop it from firing and burning out the coil. 

What’s in the box:

1 x Uwell Caliburn X device

1 x Uwell Caliburn X 2ml pod

1 x UN2 mesh 0.8 ohm coil

1 x UN2 mesh 1.2 ohm coil

1 x 3A type-C charging cable

1 x User manual

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Additional information

Caliburn X colours

Black, Ink Blue, Lake Green, Lilac Purple, Red, Silver


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