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Tangerine – 10ml


Indulge in the delightful UK-made Tangerine Eliquid, a sweet and succulent citrus vape that is sure to leave you feeling contented. With a dash of mint, it transforms into a tantalizing flavour reminiscent of orange tic-tacs. This Eliquid offers a smooth and light taste with a pleasant fruity essence, making it the perfect choice for an all-day vape. Savour the distinctive yet subtle fruity flavour and consider experimenting with spearmint or peppermint for an even greater vaping pleasure.


Imagine Savouring the Sweetness

Tangerine – A Delightful Citrus Vape A Sweet and Succulent Experience

Close your eyes and imagine the sweet, succulent taste of Tangerine filling your senses as you take your first inhale. The citrusy goodness delights your palate, evoking a sense of contentment with every puff. This eliquid is designed to deliver a satisfyingly smooth vaping experience, perfect for those who appreciate the refreshing allure of citrus.

The Minty Twist of Orange Tic-Tacs

Add a dash of mint to this delightful Tangerine eliquid, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the taste of orange tic-tacs! The combination of tangy citrus and cool mint creates a refreshing blend that is both familiar and exciting. Give your taste buds a treat with this unique twist on a classic favourite. To experience this minty combination, try adding our Mint Blast flavour to it.

Distinctive and Subtle Fruity Essence

A Smooth and Light Vaping Experience Distinctive Yet Subtle Fruity Flavour

On the exhale, you’ll notice the distinctive yet subtle fruity essence that lingers on your taste buds. The lightness of the flavour allows for a pleasant all-day vape, never overwhelming your senses but providing a delightful taste experience.

Designed for Your Vaping Pleasure

A Delightful 10ml Treat A Flavourful Escape

Indulge in the Tangerine Eliquid available in easy-to-carry 10ml bottles. Made in the UK with care and precision, it promises to be a flavourful escape that you will love. Explore the possibilities by trying it with added spearmint or peppermint for an even more enjoyable vaping experience.


Capacity: 10ml

Type: Freebase Nicotine

Flavour: Tangerine Eliquid

Description: A sweet and succulent citrus vape that is sure to make you feel contented. Add a dash of mint to enjoy the delightful taste of orange tic-tacs. With a smooth and light flavour, it’s perfect for an all-day vape. Made in the UK, this eliquid offers a distinctive yet subtle fruity essence, making it a favourite among vapers.

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