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10ml plastic mixing Syringe


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10ml plastic measuring syringe

The 10ml syringe is a great product for those who tend to mix their own E-liquids needing precise measurements. The syringe is fully plastic and features an easy to use pull mechanism allowing an easy draw of your E-liquids.

The 10ml Syringe is great for helping you mix your flavours to exact measurements; the Syringe itself is made of plastic and is marked in 0.2ml increments. (It can actually measure up to 12ml)

For recipe suggestions, see below…


Antonia’s Cherry Choones

5ml Blueberry
3ml Cherry
2ml Triple Menthol
(A few drops of blackcurrant to taste)

Apple Pie and Custard

4ml Apple
5ml Vanilla (Custard)
1ml Banana

Cherry Dr Pepper

2ml Cherry Cola
8ml Almond
(Add blueberry for ‘fizz,’ to taste)

Blackcurrant and Apple pie and custard

3.5ml Apple
3.5ml Blackberry
2ml Vanilla
1ml Banana

“Snozberries” (customer suggestion)

1ml Spearmint
4.5ml Watermelon
4.5ml Strawberry


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