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Geek Vape Aegis Solo Kit


A very hardwearing, solid mod for Direct-Lung Inhaling. Just add one 18650 battery for a handy sized Sub-ohm kit which delivers.

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If a 60ml bottle lasts you a week then the Aegis Solo will probably last the day! This robust little kit is perfect for the mild to moderate vaper who wants a no nonsense design without the bulky size of the Aegis 200W kit.



Tough Design

If you have a history of breaking phone screens and have a drawer full of unusable ecigs due to dropping them etc. the Solo sounds a perfect fit! Designed to last and constructed to extremely high standards the Solo is SHOCK RESISTANT, WATER RESISTANT and DUST RESISTANT too! A tough little kit!






Secure battery compartment

The battery access is strong enough to ensure it stays water tight and shock proof for the lifetime of the 18650 battery, yet easy enough to release to make your product like new again! The compartment simply unscrews and the battery will slide out under the force of gravity. *Takes a single 18650 size battery – Battery NOT include – Click HERE for batteries*




Better coils

Using Mesh coils creates a double win as you get more life out of the coil and a better vape too! The design of the coils best suited to the Solo are the X2. Using a special design the amount of electricity per puff required is reduced quite dramatically giving you more vaping time between charges. Click HERE for replacement coils.



Compact yet effective

For many people size is a consideration when choosing a kit. Despite the easily held size it delivers just as great a vape as the Aegis 200W when using the X2 coils. The only reason people choose a bigger kit is for the battery, not performance; the number of puffs you get before the battery depletes.

REMEMBER: If you go through more than 60ml a week the L200 (dual battery mod) will be a better fit for you  See here.


Using the advanced AS chipset technology you can rely on the Aegis Solo to deliver precise accuracy to 100 watts and an accurate ohms reading off the coil. When fired it delivers an instant hit of your selected power and also supports temperature control for Stainless Steel, Nickel and Titanium coils.

Everything you need

Just add a battery and eliquid…With a spare coil and a charging cable, life could not be simpler. If you need eliquid head to our shortfill range and find something to get you going. See here

Easy fill

No more stuck tanks when you need to fill up with the simple quarter twist top removal system.

Filling up with this kit is a breeze!


Additional information

Aegis mini Colours

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