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Dispel the Myths

This post appeared on Blackpools local news today and I thought it important to provide some feedback and share my reply to the article too.

Blackpool Gazette. Vaping puts fat on the liver

I gave the following reply to it.

I find stories like this quite frankly irresponsible. Yet another example of the red top newspapers looking for headlines to sell their papers and, without guilt or forethought, casting an unbiased view of the positive health benefits of the vaping revolution.

As a worker in an Electronic cigarette shop (Ecig Switch) I have bitten my tongue as I have heard these snapshot stories which push new so called threats to public health from a positive thing but this is too far.

For readers concerned, please only use the NHS or public health England as a reliable source of information as they only use studies where the scientific method can be verified.

Also remember, if a newspaper could push a headline saying “The end of the world is tomorrow” more people would buy the paper so they always lean towards the worse case scenario.

In the interest of unbiased please, if you are interested, google the following things (guessing links may not work)

People dying of lung disease UK minutes smoking – click the top gov UK link. This shows one person dies from lung disease every five minutes in the UK and well over 90% of those poor people got there through smoking.

People dying of lung cancer UK minutes smoking  – again click the gov UK site. It shows how people die once every four minutes through smoking in the UK. That is one poor person in the time you read this article.

Deaths through vaping gov UK – click the top government website and it dispels all the myths you have seen in newspapers and on Facebook shares! It is in fact very hard to find any bad things said about vaping on any reliable site.

In conclusion, to get an accurate picture on the revolution please just trust scientific sites and government sites too. One billion lives matter! That is the number of deaths through smoking the last century and forecast for this one. (Google billion lives smoking deaths)

I invite anyone with any concerns (customer or not) to please feel free to contact me about something so close to my heart.

Jonathan Terrington


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