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What is a shortfill?

Shortfills are the new way to maximise your experience with lung inhale e-liquids by prioritising flavour and cost!

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Why are Shortfills used?

On May 20th 2016, a new regulation of TPD compliance was put into effect in the EU. This regulation included many new changes to electronic cigarette manufacturing, these changes include the restriction of tank size to a maximum of 2ml capacity and also the limit of eliquid bottle sizes including nicotine to 10ml. To comply with these new regulations all eliquid bottle sizes have been reduced to the maximum of 10ml with the exception of Shortfills as they don’t contain nicotine when sold to a customer, this means the bottle sizes of Shortfills are not limited to the 10ml maximum and therefor will come in the usual sizes of 60ml to 120ml.

What is inside a Shortfill?

The recipe of a Shortfill is very similar to the standard bottles of e-liquid sold in all shops. Inside a Shortfill bottle there is a mix of 3 different ingredients, a flavour concentrate, Polypropylene Glycerol and also Vegetable Glycerine of which are all found within the standard bottles of 10ml e-liquid. Because there is no nicotine contained within a Shortfill they can come in much larger sizes such as 60ml, 100ml, 120ml etc, instead of nicotine being included in the recipe there are 10ml bottles of nicotine shots sold alongside the Shortfill that the customer would then add to the Shortfill themselves, this removes any regulation limit from TPD on the Shortfills being sold as the nicotine comes separate.

What are the benefits of using a Shortfill?

When people are using high end lung inhale kits they will find that their e-liquid drains very fast, this means that they will be going through many bottles of e-liquid a day and will become costly for heavy users, this is where Shortfills come in handy. A standard bottle of 10ml e-liquid will fill a lung inhale e-cig on average 3-4 times before a new bottle of e-liquid is needed, with a Shortfill size of 60ml this is capable of producing an average of 13-15 refills before a new bottle is needed. This method of using Shortfills becomes very cost effective and this can be shown by using our current prices, a bottle of 10ml e-liquid would cost a customer £3 and a 60ml Shortfill would cost a customer £7.99, by including our multi buy discount you would be paying £16 for 6x10ml bottles of e-liquid which is nearly twice the amount of a Shortfill containing the same amount of e-liquid. The amount of money saved becomes even greater the higher capacity of Shortfill purchased which massively increases the incentive to switch to the Shortfills and start saving money.

Direct Lung eliquid works out at just £1.04 per 10ml! See the range.

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