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Cooling Agent Concentrate 60ml/120ml


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Cooling Agent Concentrate

A fresh, ultra-strong coolant to give your vape an icy sensation without the taste of menthol. Perfect for creating your own eliquid flavours.

(We recommend using only X% in your flavour mixes, as this is a strong ingredient. Use with care as this has been known to kill coils if over-calculated!)

Extra strong flavour concentrates for mixing your own eliquids.

Our flavour concentrates are suspended in PG.

Dilute to taste, depending on flavour intensity required. We recommend they are ideally mixed at 10-20% to get the best flavour. (This may vary, due to different flavours having a different potency)

  • Concentrates are not intended to be used on their own and need to be diluted with PG/VG/Nicotine as appropriate

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30ml, 60ml, 120ml


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